We produce and trade in Industrial equipment and machinery that come with quality certificates for every region. Most of our customers are repeat customers as they are pleased and satisfied with our quality. These products can be grouped into the following categories;

  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic:

This includes a range of products such as:

    1. Hydraulic Quick Coupling
    2. Hydraulic Ball Valves
    3. Hydraulic Valves
    4. Hydraulic Directional Valve
    5. Hydraulic Pumps
    6. Hydraulic Power Unit
    7. Chrome Shaft and Honed Tubes
    8. Cylinder Manufacturing
    9. Hydraulic Line Pipes
    10. Pipe bending manufacturing
    11. Hydraulic Pipe Clamp
  • Steel Pipes:

Our set of steel products are as given below:

    1. Round Steel Bars
    2. Stainless Steel Round Bars
    3. Seamless Steel Pipes
    4. Stainless Steel Pipes
    5. Carbon Steel Square Pipes
    6. Welded Steel Tubes.
  • Machinery

As for the machinery in current production they can be of two categories:

    1. Conveyor systems
    2. Custom Made Machines
  • Hardware Tools:

A wide range of hardware tools is available for both domestic and industrial uses, these tools are mainly:

    1. Fasteners
    2. Work safety equipment
    3. Abrasive papers
    4. Cutting stones
    5. Air work tools
    6. Industrial chemicals
    7. Hand tools
    8. Tape groups
    9. Bronze Hand tools
    10. Turvacraft bronze fittings
    11. Mechanical valves and components