We are also very active in the medical sphere and we provide a range of equipment and supplies for medical use. Here are some of the most sold medical equipment:


  • Orthopedic equipment:

This equipment is used mainly for knee and ankle surgeries and they are of high quality in comparison to products from China, Pakistan and India. These products include:

  1. Klotho fiber suture

  1. Soft knot Anchor

  1. TI interference screws

  1. U staples

  1. Peek suture anchor

  1. Suture screw anchor with needle

  1. Suture screw anchors

  1. Femofix

  1. Lift Loop

  1. Internal suture anchor

  1. Femobutton without loop

  1. Disposable plastic canul

  1. Shaver

  1. Shaver blades

  1. Double lift loop

  1. Femobutton

  1. Tenacious screws

  1. Arthro probe


  • General Medical Equipment and supplies:
  1. Ultrasound machines

  1. CT scanners

  1. Anesthesia machines

  1. Endoscopes

  1. Microscopes

  1. Hospital beds